Friday, 13 March 2015

26 Facts About Methodist Girls’ School (MGS), Ipoh

mgs fieldcanteen
  1. We’re the oldest girl’s school in Ipoh! The school was founded by Reverend W E Horley in 1895, the same year as he founded the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS), Ipoh 
  2. We’re commonly referred as MGS 
  3. Cheeky friends would name our school as Monkey Girls’ School or Monkey Gorilla School
  4. Cottage was built in l934 and used to be the residence of the principals from the early years. This is why it is now rumored as haunted 
  5. Our sport house system was introduced in 1930 – Cavell, Nightingale, Crosby, Victoria 
  6. The school was closed down in 1941 for the Japanese Army. It was later re-opened in 1945 Oct 1st
  7. We’re one of the school in Ipoh that wore pinafore according to our school official colour instead of the usual light blue. Maroon was our school colour. The uniform was later standardize to follow the light blue ones around 1970s. (No more maroon for the later generation :( 
  8. Our canteen is like a mini food court. Ice creams, roti canai, nasi lemak, laksa, porridge, wan tan mee, chee cheong fun, nasi ayam, thosai, curry mee, tomyam noodles, fruits, mash potatoes, snacks, kacang puteh, roti bakar, even variety off tehs. oh food heaven! 
  9. Students from the 80s era would still see Mak Cik Yam our legendary canteen aunty if they re-visit the alma mater 
  10. Our school canteen food is cheap! :D One cup of soya which is the same size as kopitiams, costs only 30 cents. Laksa for 1 ringgit! 
  11. Our school song is the same for both Primary and Secondary school. Only the last paragraph is removed for the secondary school 
  12. “Leave the banner, Wear it onwards” is what usually some students would sing instead of the right one “Lift the banner, Bear it onwards”. Are you one of them?
  13. Our school song would gradually be sung faster and faster if there isn’t any music companion. (Naughty girls)
  14. Our landmark that represents our school would definitely be the RAINTREE that has stood for almost a century 
  15. For those who joined Girls’ Brigade, students for non-Methodist school would had trouble understanding what Uniform Body you’ve joined since it is only available in 3 schools in Ipoh. ACS, MGS and Wesley 
  16. The best food we crave for during sports day would be the curry fish balls! 
  17. We would cheer, laugh and scream hard if males teachers were chosen for certain events on stage 
  18. Our Monday assembly are at the badminton court with teachers sitting in a row along the classroom’s corridor. You would see some sleeping if you look around ;) 
  19. Our school badge color is simple which consist of only two colors. Maroon and White 
  20. We’re the only school that doesn’t need the cloth name tag that needs to be ironed to the uniforms. We use name tags. ;) 
  21. We’re lucky to have a big green field 
  22. Non-muslims students would sometimes go to the opposite Curry Mee shop to eat after school. ;) 
  23. We have kebun angkat project but always don’t attend. :P 
  24. We share the school area between primary and secondary. So seeing sights of little primary girls running around in our compound is completely normal. We sometimes even make friends with them 
  25. Racial isn’t much of an issue here. We all mix together for 5 years (or more if you’re from the same primary). This is one good thing. We learn about each other’s culture and we know how to respect them 
  26. Our school students are always well recognized for good English! Be proud. ;) OUR UTMOST FOR THE HIGHEST! 

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